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Do you offer retouching/Photoshop?

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The camera sees differently to the human eye. There’s no context like eye contact, tone of voice, gestures. Retouching is essential to getting the best results for your portraits.

Every photograph you see here is carefully edited and retouched. We soften lines, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, reduce redness, touch up dark eyes, subtly sculpt body features. It’s not to change how you look, but to make you appear more like the impressions you would leave if you met someone for 10-15min.

We can deal with scars in several ways – fade them, change the color only to match the skin, remove altogether – talk to us about your preference.

It’s all to make you look your best, but completely natural. Even your closest friends and family will think your photographs haven’t been retouched. They just think you had a really good day.

We can offer different levels of retouching according to your needs and audience. If you want to look more mature and competent, we can help. If you actually want to look 20 years younger, we can do that too!

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