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How long do staff headshots in the office take?

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We arrive slightly early to set up our equipment and test the lighting.

Once we start, we like to allocate 10 min per person for headshots. If they also need extra half & full body portraits we may allocate another 5-10 min each. This is a good average time that allows everyone to relax, get used to posing, and to select the photographs they love. Some people take less time, some people take more.

We can work faster – we have done a 3 min average with good results. But there is a sense of urgency and we don’t have time to get into the finer details of expression coaching.

For Executive Portraits you might light to allocate 20-30 min per person, to get a good range and allow us to move around the office. Every office is different and we will discuss with you while planning.