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How to choose the best pictures for your website

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People are very visual. An image can convey a thought, a feeling, an idea, much faster than words can.

A photograph will hold the viewer’s interest much more than long paragraphs of text. It has been shown that viewers will quickly abandon a page containing only text.

The effectiveness of stock photos

Stock photos are a popular and cheap option for imagery. They are convenient and fast, you can do it all without leaving your seat. So why don’t established businesses use them?

It turns out they come with a big disadvantage. Google research has shown people essentially ignore stock photos.

We see them everywhere, fake American actors in fake office shaking hands with fake smiles. We recognise it in a split second. We treat the space as if it were empty.

Aim for conversions

Stock photos are good when starting out. But they are an ineffective use of your screen real estate.

Replacing a stock photo with a genuine one can increase conversions on that page by 35-45%. Seeing your staff in action really builds trust, and elevates you above your competitors.

So clearly if conversion is the goal of your website, then using a real photograph is much more effective than buying a stock photo.

Where to go from here

We help you work out how to capture a series of photographs of you and your staff in action and in your natural environment.

We design images to work with each of your offering pages, and your team and contact page. As they browse your site, your clients become familiar with you and get a feel of what it’s like to work with you.

The result is that you have a library of high quality imagery to use across your website and future online and offline marketing materials.