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What background should I use for my headshot

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You have decided to have a professional headshot. One of the big decisions is what to use as your background.

The background to your professional headshot is almost as important as the person in front of it. To help you choose wisely, here are some tips.

The first choice is whether to have a plan background or a real scene in the back of your headshot.

Plain Background

The most simple and classic business headshot has a plain background. It’s timeless and spans all industries. You have a few options.

A pure white background is good for email signatures, and printing on paper. The white on the headshot blends with the paper, and is distraction free. However it doesn’t work so well for social media.

In social media your profile is in a circle. With pure white you can’t actually see the circle, and your head floats with some strange sharp triangles for your shoulders.

What we recommend is using a solid color instead. This way the circle is preserved, and the color of the headshot can also bring certain moods to your profile.

Real Background

Another popular option is to use a real location for your headshot background. You must be careful when choosing these.

Firstly consider where your headshot is shown. In social media, the circle is very small and a busy background will make your headshot feel cluttered. It is better for your website where each portrait is larger.

You may choose a Sydney outdoors headshot, if the location ties in with your business. Real estate agents will often choose an outdoors scene for their professional headshots. But if you’re in IT, then having trees in the background doesn’t add anything to your headshot.

Using your office background is a great choice. It shows you are real people with real staff, and builds trust when people visit your website. We can help you choose an angle that shows off your office while not being cluttered. You may have a great Sydney view outside some windows that will work well too.


With your headshot, you should always consider the audience before choosing where to photograph. We can help you decide whether you want a single or multiple backgrounds on your headshots, and how to attract your customers.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and see how we can help.