Example of editing – outdoor corporate shoot

A common question is how much post production work is done on each corporate image. While we believe in trying to get as much right as possible, sometimes there are factors outside our control that can only be remedied after the fact.

Often in Sydney the limited space available was not designed with photography in mind, and natually we make the best of it. Even when we have a close to perfect space, there is always something we can do up just a little in post production to give your brand an extra lift.

Corporate Branding with CityMove

Here is an example of a team shot done for CityMove who specialise in Sydney and interstate removals. We’ve chosen this example to give you an idea of what a typical session may need. Some photographs may need more editing and some may need less.

This particular one is a team photo that could be used for their website, for a newsletter, or even for an advertising banner. We wanted it to be true and realistic, but also show off the brand in the best possible light.

The Edits

The only space available was in the corner of an industrial lot in Mascot. Naturally there was debris and oil stains on the ground where trucks moved in and out daily. We cleaned up the area of large pieces of rubbish as much as possible, but there was nothing we could do to get it perfect in a short time period. The rest of the cleanup had to be done by our editors afterwards.

Again because of the trucks moving in and out, we didn’t have a lot of space. This lead to some introduced distortions in the photo. You can see it on the people towards the edges, they were being stretched diagonally towards the corners. We fixed it to make it look more natural.

The pink trucks were a big part of CityMove’s brand. They were literally moving sign boards for the company, the only removalists in Sydney who don’t have white trucks. It was important for them to look good. CityMove didn’t have a brand new truck for the photoshoot. We worked to make it look as good as new, but still look like a real truck.

On top of all this we execute some minor skin work on each team member. In this case it was very subtle and not much was required.

The Image

Here is a side by side comparison of the photo as it was shot, and the finals we delivered. Use the slider to compare the before (left) and after (right) images.

Press reload if you do not see a comparison image here.

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