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Do I need a professional headshot?

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Sydney is a very competitive business environment. It’s no wonder most professionals in Sydney have a business headshot for their profile. Most of the time you make contact with a person online or via phone. In these cases they see your profile before they meet you in person.

Your headshot is your first impression in this online world. It serves two main purposes. Firstly, it shows you stand behind your business. Secondly, inspires trust and confidence in your audience.

Why can’t you use a selfie? A professional headshot costs you cents per day. By not using a professional photograph, you’re telling the world your business isn’t even worth that investment.

Also, most people are not actors. Your selfie will look awkward, uncomfortable, tacky. You need someone who can guide you and give you expression coaching, to bring out your best.

Headshots are most important to service professionals in Sydney. Lawyers, doctors, plumbers, physiotherapists, electricians, accountants, and anyone who serves others, where your skills are the reason they hire you.

Not everyone needs a headshot. If you own a supermarket, your customers don’t care what you look like. However, you may still want a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile for your professional engagements.

For everyone else, if you want to stand out from your competitors, a business effective headshot is a great investment.

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