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Can I take my own headshots?

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Well yes you can. Many people try the DIY headshots and portraits for a while, thinking they’ll get a proper one later.

The better question is why do most people in Sydney get professional headshots done?

A headshot is more than just what you look like. People establish their first impression of you in a split second. If you look nervous, or are staring blankly into space, that impression sticks. How much effort would you need to spend in fixing that bad first impression, just to get back to zero?

Chances are the client has bounced off your profile already.

If you’re a professional actor, chances are you know how to draw out that best expression. For the rest of the us, that’s where a professional headshot photographer comes in.

See, not all photographers are headshot photographers. A professional headshot photographer works with people. We coach you in expression and posture. We help you relax. We show you those sides of yourself others talk about, but you may have never seen yourself. We show you what to do to bring out that side of you that inspires confidence – but is still you.

It’s an experience. And you will end up with a headshot you are proud to use.

Instead of struggling with a phone and photos that look bad, use a professional and get it done easily and quickly. See our many written testimonials from happy clients who couldn’t believe how good their headshots are.