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Is it worth hiring a videographer at my event?

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An event videographer uses different equipment than a photographer and has a different goal in mind. Here is how you can decide if you need video coverage at your event.

Livestreamed Conferences

Thanks to the pandemic, livestreamed conferences are now a thing. Maybe some of your guests attend from home, while others attend in person. Maybe you have simultaneous events in different cities, so speakers don’t have to travel so far.

Our videographers around Australia can set up and organise so that everything runs as smoothly as if everyone was in the same hall.


If your event includes important speeches, it may be valuable to capture the whole speech for future use.


Maybe the content of your even can be used as education modules for new hires in future? We can ensure clear video and crisp audio so things can be reused for years.

Vox Pops

You may want to interview guests during an event, and use them as testimonials, or future marketing. A professional videographer can get clear audio at a busy event.

Highlights Video

Of course the most common reason for video coverage is to create a highlights video for your event. Combined with the event photography, this can be used on your website and social. It will help elevate your brand and attract more guests in the future.