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Why choose us for headshot and business photography?

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I think all Sydney headshot photographers have their style and approach to work. In the same way there’s no best restaurant in the world – you choose where to go depending on the occasion. We may be perfect for one project, and not right for another.

While there are many photographers who may have a similar style, most photographers can also adjust their style to match the requirements of a project. We know how to control light to achieve the look you need.

What makes us stand apart, is our focus on your feelings. We believe you should feel comfortable during a photographic session. Because no matter how beautiful the photographs look, you will remember how you felt at the time. It doesn’t matter if all your friends congratulate you on the photos if you felt really awkward and every time you see the photos it reminds you of that awkwardness.

To that end, it’s the time we spend getting to know you, showing you how to pose, how to work your expression, that is as important as operating the camera.

A frequent comment we get is “I’ve never liked a photo of myself, until now.” See our many written testimonials.

If this is what you want your staff to say, then have a chat to us.