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Do I get all photos taken in an event?

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In a typical Sydney corporate event, there are lots of things happening. We use our expertise to ensure every important moment is captured – and this produces a lot of photographs.

For example, say you have a juggling act at your team building event. To capture that one moment where all the pins are in motion, nobody is blinking, everyone has a great expression, nothing is blurred – we may take 20+ shots. To deliver all 20 shots is not service, it’s laziness. We would only select the best shots, so you know everything you receive is usable.

Another example, your CEO is giving a speech. We take multiple shots until we get a great expression, eye contact, mouth shape, hand gesture. You don’t need all the rejected ones. Do you want to be the person who accidentally shares your CEO’s unflattering image?

Even shots of guests, do you need 10 shots of the same 2 guests talking, so you can almost read their lips? We select the one that most flatters both the guest and the event, and will elevate your business.

So the answer is no, you don’t get every single shot clicked in an event. That’s like going to a restaurant and asking for all the offcuts and skin peels created while cooking your dish.

What you do get, is every great shot from your event, without any artificial limits.

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