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How many photographs can I expect per hour in a corporate event?

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What we capture depends a lot on what happens at your Sydney corporate event. For example, when there is a performance we may take several photographs per minute. For high action we may have a few photographs a second. When things are more settled, you may only get a a photograph every few minutes.

Some photographers sell a guarantee of a minimum number of photos like it’s a good thing. But is it?

If there is a 20 minute speech, you don’t need more than a few shots of a few angles of the speaker.

You don’t need a shot of every guest at every table at a conference.

If there is a performance, you want just the best photographs to show off, you’re not selling a video of the performance!

We curate your event so that we can work on only the best photographs and deliver them to you.

Put it this way, would you rather spend $1000 on a thousand $1 photos, or a hundred $10 photos?

When it’s your job to put together a media release, would you rather go through 20 options, or 200 (and some are blurry, many are the same)?

In general, we find a 2 hour corporate event with one photographer produces 60-120 good photographs. A 6 hour event may produce 200 good photographs.

Having additional photographers do not directly increase the number of photos, rather they increase the overall quality of all the photographs delivered. It’s hard to guage, because you can’t redo the same event and see what the difference does. Discuss with us and we’ll give you an idea what to expect.