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Do I need to book my headshot? Do you take walk-ins?

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I know some people are happy to take people dropping in, like passport photos at the post office. But the result becomes like you just fell in front of a camera, and there it is.

An effective profile is more than just a person smiling blankly. We spend time to learn your story and your target audience. There may be different audiences depending on where you use the headshot. This is all so we can create something that speaks to your market and achieves a business purpose.

A drop in headshot is like picking a suit off the rack. Our experience is more like getting a bespoke tailored suit.

This is not a “go during lunch without the boss knowing” experience. If you’re rushed, it will show.

If you’re just after ticking a box, we’re probably not the photographers for you. If you want something a bit nicer for yourself, that you can be proud of for years to come, let’s chat.

We do offer after hours appointments at our studio for your convenience. A minimum purchase applies.