Premium Passport Photography

Looking for passport photos that won’t make you cringe?

While regulations dictate a neutral expression, we can use flattering lighting and subtle enhancements through Fine Touch editing to give you the best possible passport photo.

You’ll look your best and the office won’t know you’ve been retouched.

We can help you with passport and visa applications for other countries, government ID, or US Green Card Lottery photos.

For Australian Passports we recommend you attend your local Australia Post as they are more economical.

We do not provide passport photo services for children under 4 years old.

Premium Passport and Visa Photos from $199

Give your visa application the best chance by using a professionally taken photo.

Technically you just need a “neutral expression.” Some photographers push the boundaries and have a slight grin, but we do not recommend you try to bend the rules – the office hates inability to follow instructions.

We provide beautiful lighting, and make you as neutral as can be without crossing the line. We enhance your photos with our Fine Touch editing. You’ll look your best and the office won’t know you’ve been retouched.

Bookings Essential
One Retouched Photograph Included
Must be aged 4 and above
Prints at Your Leisure

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