You’ve got a clinic filled with the latest equipment. How do you get patients through the door and fill your books?

People don’t regularly change dentists, and only see them twice a year. Periodontists, endodontists, and prosthodontists even less. So you only have a very narrow window to make a great first impression and win them over.

Your marketing manager will tell you to get professional photographs – but who do you use?

We are specialists in people. We have extensive experience with dental businesses and owners like yourself who just might be a bit camera shy.

Using a unique discovery process, we analyse your market and bring out the qualities that set you apart from your competition.

Whether you are an orthodontist or specialist, we’ll help show off your expertise and attract fresh patients.

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Why Do Dentists Need Good Photography?

Google research shows consumers ignore stock photos. This is especially true of those fake American families with unnaturally white smiles you see in every clinic.

Instead, dentists can make a powerful impact with genuine imagery that resonates with their audience and builds trust.

People don’t like visiting any dentist, and more-of-the-same branding isn’t going to work in a saturated market.

Instead, show off the custom experience your community can expect when they visit you. Set yourself apart, and attract a loyal following of patients.

Building trust is essential for any professional, especially a new practice. Let us help you design the imagery that will captivate your audience and generate new business.

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Clinic Virtual Tour Videos

Add a video to showcase your dental clinic and stand out from competition. Show off your clinic’s state-of-the-art equipment, friendly staff, build trust and confidence of potential patients.

We’ve worked with clients across industries including:

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You’ve already spent a lot fitting out your clinic – can you afford imagery and video? It’s tempting to put in stock photos like all the other clinics. But it is exactly because of what you’ve spent on your clinic that you want to fill those slots asap.

For this reason successful dentists consistently choose top-notch quality over the cheaper options.

Hear what our dental client had to say about their experience with us.


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The Photographic Experience

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