You know it’s more than just having a fancy camera. Otherwise you’d ask the CEO’s cousin who’s into photos.

Having a camera is like having a driver’s license. Just like there’s a huge range of skill in people’s driving, there’s a huge range of experiences you can expect from different photographers.

If you’re like most people, visiting a photographer is like visiting a dentist – you’d rather not. We know how you feel – we’ve been there too. That’s why we take a completely different approach to others.

We’ve designed an experience that is easy, personal, and fully guided. Check it out below.

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Four Simple Steps to Elevating Your Brand

1. Getting to know you

2. The Photographic Session

3. Design Consultation

4. Show off your Best

1. Getting to know you

The most important part of creating effective imagery is getting to know you and your goals. You want more than “gazing into the void” photos.

What do you want your business photographs to say to your audience? What qualities are important in your profession? How are these images to be used, and how does that influence their creation?

We try to understand your brand, competition, objectives, and provide you with ideas on what is possible.

By the time you come to your photographic shoot, we are fully equipped and prepared. It’s a relaxed experience, many of our clients mention how enjoyable the whole process is.

2. The Photographic Session

Before our session, we send you tips and info on how to prepare, what to wear, and introduce you to our recommended hair and makeup artists, stylists, and wardrobe suppliers.

We answer any questions you have, and you feel confident and relaxed.

We gently guide you and show you how to position yourself to present your best qualities. We coach you on the finer points of facial expression. You see the results as we go and your confidence grows.

There’s no rush, we work on results, not on the clock. Some people take longer, some are quicker. Everyone is happy.

3. Design Consultation

This is the pinnacle of the experience. After our session, we promptly put everything onto the computer.

Together we browse through the finest photographs captured. We discuss the narrative of each photograph, and how/where they might be used.

Most clients have found it beneficial to have an impartial perspective to help them see how others see them.

We handpick the ones that will become the face of your business and brand in the future. Purchase only the photographs you love.

4. Show off your Best

The camera captures things you’d rather not show – blemishes, eye bags, things you wouldn’t notice in real life. Retouching actually helps make you look more like you – but that’s a topic for another day.

We edit your photographs in several stages, using our Fine Touch editing that shows you at your best, while looking completely natural.

Your close friends and family won’t know you’ve been edited – and will simply assume you’ve had an exceptional day!

Even for large-scale staff headshots, we individually edit each one – from glasses glare to pimples – from CEO to junior. Because everyone deserves to look good.

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Why Us?

Anyone can take a headshot – there are 2 to 6 cameras right on your phone. Obviously you realise a headshot is not a yes or no thing. It’s not that you have one and that’s done.

It’s your only first impression. It’s your personal brand that sells when you’re sleeping.

Many photographers just show up and put you through the production line. You feel rushed, uncertain. You end up with technical photos that miss the human mark. Perfectly lit blank expressions. Smiles that feel fake.

Each time you see your photo you remember the stress and embarrassment. Your staff resent their profiles.

Our specialty is dealing with people – most don’t know how to act in front of a camera. We show you how to pose, and coach you in expression.

We help the most camera shy show off their personality in a relaxed and authentic way.

Every time you see your portrait, you’re reminded how confident you felt at the shoot – and it gives you energy.

Why Not Us?

We’re not for everyone – we know that.

If you’re looking for the cheapest price, that’s not us.

If you don’t want to plan and prepare, you want someone to just turn up and snap some photos, that’s not us.

If you want to hire us for an hour and try to squeeze as many headshots as you can into the time, that’s not us.

We learn about your business, and give you the best ideas on how to use media to win customers. You use us because you see how you will earn your money back many times over.

We are invested in your success, and we can’t work on a project where the owner cares less about the outcome than we do.

We can create our quality because of our process to learn about you and your journey.


Below are basic pricing for Sydney.

Professional Headshots & Business Photography

  • A studio headshot has a session fee of 165.
  • Each professional headshot is purchased from 160.
  • We can also come to you, or use an outdoors location.
  • Office Headshots start from 650.
  • We also have a special New Hire Program for repeat clients.

Corporate Events

  • Event photography coverage starts from 860 for 2 hours.
  • Video coverage starts at 2 hours, or 1 hour if combined with photography – pricing depends on output required.
  • We can add additional photographers and videographers based on the size of your event.

Medical, Specialist, Dental Clinics

  • Headshot and Business Packages start from 960.

Retail, Product, Architecture, Commercial Projects

  • Packages start from 700.

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