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Do you take passport photos?

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Many people wonder whether you can have passport photos that aren’t ugly. The answer is, well, sort of.

You’re not allowed to smile in passport photos – this is so you look like how you are after a long flight and hours in the immigration queue.

Technically you just need a “neutral expression.” While some photographers try to push the boundaries and have a slight grin, but we do not recommend you bend the rules for something like this – why argue with the people who are approving your application?

What we can do is provide beautiful lighting, and make you as neutral as can be without crossing the line. We enhance your photos with our Fine Touch editing. You’ll look your best and the office won’t know you’ve been retouched.

We can take passport photographs for you in our Coogee studio, provided you bring the necessary requirements and dimensions. They are priced the same way as a studio headshot session. We also have express sessions that start from 199.

There are probably other people who will do it for less, but our clients select us because of our skill with working with people. When you choose us, we’ll guide you from the start with planning and preparation. At the studio we provide posture and expression coaching. We will guide you in selecting your photograph.

For clients needing passport and visa applications for other countries, government ID, or US Green Card Lottery photos, we’ve got you covered. For Australian Passports we recommend you attend your local Australia Post as they are more economical.

Please note that we do not accept walk-ins. We take these sessions seriously, planning them properly to ensure the best possible results.

Please be aware that we can’t print passport photos on the spot, as we put time and care into personal retouching. You can have them printed at your leisure at any print shop – or we can provide prints at an additional cost.

However, please note that we cannot guarantee acceptance by the office where you submit them.

To get started, fill in our contact form with your details and location.