Using A News Vs Event Photographer

At important industry functions, you may have reporters and news photographers attend. Do you still need to hire a photographer at this event?

It’s an interesting question, and I’m sure many marketing managers have grappled with this. It’s an attractive proposition to think perhaps you could forego a professional photographer, and use imagery from media instead. What event doesn’t have a tight budget after all?

Photographs Captured by News Photographers

We have photographed many important Sydney Events where media attended. We have found that photographers from every outlet have specific goals in mind, and move around the event venue with purpose.

Recently we ran across this article in the SMH. We don’t usually see the results from other photographers, but it was interesting to see this.

This photograph shows Guy Debelle as an authority. It was a bit of a doom and gloom article, so the photograph chosen makes him look a big high and mighty, with a bit of a ‘shit happens’ expression. It’s perfect for the article. But I doubt Guy himself will love it, nor do I think it would drive ticket sales for the next event.

The news photographer had one capture in mind when they attend the event – to take one photograph for the article that was being written. Once that was accomplished, they packed and moved to the next news event taking place. Even if they were so kind as to provide their photographs, you would just have a few angles of one person from the whole panel.

Photographs Captured by Event Photographers

Guests and speakers at The Regulators FINSIA signature event 2019

When the goal is to promote an event, the method of capture is completely different. Our angles and expressions are chosen to flatter all those involved. Speakers look knowledgeable, and confident. Guests look engaged and interested. We photograph many different angles to create imagery that can be used across different marketing and media.

Growing Your Event With Photography

The great thing about real imagery from events, is that potential guests – whether they are individuals or corporations sending a table of staff – feel they can trust you. Many events have slick marketing, but when guests arrive the venue is messy and the schedule is disorganised. It is every guest’s fear that marketing imagery is not of a real event, and that they will waste their time and money attending a disorganised function.

Because all your photographs are recent, they know you will consistently put on amazing events that you are proud to show off. They know you will not cut corners or get complacent. These event photographs are useful for promoting both your events and to raise the profile of your whole corporation.

Budget Considerations

All events have budgets. The temptation is to use someone cheap, ask others for photos, or get a staff to take photos. The problem is you end up with imagery that doesn’t project the atmosphere you want, and that cannot be used for future marketing.

For the cost of just a few dollars on each delegate’s ticket price, you can have a dedicated photographer who knows your goals and captures for purpose. You can ensure consistent and early sell-outs for your future events, and even grow them. Isn’t your corporation worth it?

Executive Images provides Conference Photography and Videography all around Australia. Contact us to find out how you can tell a compelling story of your event and engage with audiences years after it is over.

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