The Difference A Professional Event Photographer Makes

Marketing managers know it too well: the boss requests you put up a fabulous event and gives you a budget for an adequate event. Something has to give.

After the high class venue and catering, after the decorations, pull up banners, and high profile speakers, the thing that often gets left out is the Sydney Event photography. Someone volunteers to take photos at the event, and there you’ve saved a few hundred.

Does it matter?

Remember years ago Apple proclaimed the IPhone 6 was so good all their billboards were taken on them? We are several generations beyond that time. Surely a cat could take a photo good enough for business use, right?

Here is one event, taken with a recent phone, and taken by a professional photographer. Make your own decision which you would prefer to represent your brand.

The Guests

A room of people sitting around, or guests involved in a thoughtful discussion?

Press reload if you do not see a comparison image here.

The Media

A dim & tired room, or an audience entranced by a compelling multimedia presentation?

Press reload if you do not see a comparison image here.

The Speakers

Some people on stage in a yellowy room, or a lively debate in progress?

Press reload if you do not see a comparison image here.

In 7 months’ time when you’re planning the next event, what will your guests remember from the last one? What will you have to attract new attendees? Only the photos you show. Is that worth investing $5 from each guest’s ticket price?

This is why all well organised events will invest in quality professional photography for their conferences and galas.

Focus on what’s important

Event photography is key to attracting guests and speakers for your next event. Would you rather save a little now, or attract so many more guests that you need a bigger venue? The positive publicity you can create from a set of photographs will generate buzz for your company for years to come.

Executive Images provides worry free Event Photography for public events across Sydney. Contact us to find out how you can showcase your event and engage with audiences years after it is over.

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