Can Event Photography Make Your Serious Conference Seem Interesting?

Speakers on stage at a business conference in Sydney

Conferences are not always just fun and games, and yet they are important and you want them to grow. How do you attract delegates to your serious educational event?

As professional Sydney Event Photographers our job and skill is to capture the interesting and entertaining side to all conferences. After all, the images are used for marketing and growing your event for the next year.

While this is easy during breaks when people are chatting, it’s sometimes more challenging inside the conference hall.

Speaker panel and delegates at a business conference in Sydney
Michelle Gilbert

In Blackboard’s Teaching & Learning Conference, academics from around Australia and New Zealand gathered to discuss courseware in tertiary educational institutions. Most of the time the delegates were concentrating and deep in thought. To an outsider they would look grim and somber.

Through experience and awareness of the audience, we captured the brief second in the three day conference where everyone had a laugh. This completed a story that showed the event was informative and interesting. It showed delegates enjoyed being there, a key to attracting more attendees the next year.

Have a look at this highlights clip we created from the event.

Executive Images provides Conference Photography and Videography all around Australia. Contact us to find out how you can tell a compelling story of your event and engage with audiences years after it is over.

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