15 Things A Missing Headshot Says About Your Business

Getting a professional headshot is often on the to-do list. Whether it’s for a new business, or for new staff in your growing business, we all know you need it, yet it gets pushed to the backburner. How will this affect your sales?

Think you don’t need one?

Visitors to your website already are interested in your services. Some business owners think that not having a headshot isn’t a big deal. If business is busy, why do they care?

As a Sydney headshot photographer having done many a LinkedIn headshot and business headshots over the years, we know how much difference it makes.

If you’re a Sydney based small business, a headshot could be the difference between someone abandoning the page or filling in the contact form. Studies have shown that 44% of respondents will engage a brand more if they see a picture they like.

This could be why some businesses get all the ideal clients, while others get all the price shoppers.

Sending the wrong message

A headshot says a lot. But not having a headshot, or having some staff missing a headshot, also says a lot. And maybe a lot worse.

Here are some of the things that may be subconsciously going through your prospective customer’s mind right now.

  1. They’re probably new, probably not much experience.
  2. They’re a big franchise, so they obviously don’t care.
  3. Looks like a cheap website, their services must be cheap!
  4. I ain’t reading that wall of text!
  5. They’re afraid to show their face. What are they hiding?
  6. Will I get a call center? Better shop around a bit more.
  7. Will they stick around? Are they here for the long term?
  8. Can’t see anything “real”, for all I know it could be run out of a kitchen! Better go for something more reliable.
  9. Do they not know what their own site looks like? If that’s their “attention to detail…”
  10. Looks cold faceless corporation, I’ll go to <competitor> who looks more friendly and welcoming.
  11. Hmm, can’t they afford a headshot? Is this someone I can trust?
  12. Mix of headshots and no headshots, gee this site looks like a mess! I’m outta here!
  13. Looks stagnant. Are they still in business?
  14. Maybe they don’t have staff, just temps?
  15. Well, they both look fine, but I like the look of <competitor> better. I’ll call them first.

A Headshot Session is so easy

It may sound hard, but getting all your staff some headshots and website imagery is so easy. Just a phone call to understand your business, and we work out the imagery you need for all your website and marketing. We take care of the rest.

Our process is effortless and helps the most camera shy people relax and feel at ease. Get your staff photos they can be proud of.

How would you like a website which makes people want to contact you? How would you like to be treated as a friend and not a stranger?

Executive Images provides Professional Branding Photography at our Coogee studio or at your business location in Sydney. Contact us now and let us help you make your best first impression.

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