Why Are Some Headshots More Compelling? Showing Intent With Your Headshot

Very small details change a good headshot into a great one. One such detail is intent. Does your headshot have it?

Your headshot is your first impression. Nowadays your client probably saw your profile photograph before meeting you in real life. So it’s no surprise that 82% of service professionals rated getting a good headshot as “very important.”

One thing that makes your headshot stand out and connect with the viewer is intent.

What Is Intent?

Caucasian female looking intently into the camera for corporate headshot

Put simply, intent is whether something is going through your mind. Are you present, or just waiting for the water to boil?

In a business portrait photograph that intent is shown through the eyes.

When a headshot shows intent, there is a connection with the viewer. You can feel she is actually looking at you. The expression as a whole makes her competent, approachable, friendly, and professional – but it starts with the intent.

What Does No Intent Look Like?

Do a Google image search for Eg “real estate headshots”. You’ll find a lot of professional looking photos. But some will feel a bit weak. It all comes down to the eyes.

When your eyes are blank, there’s no intent. One moment you’re looking at the viewer. The next you’re staring into space. They look less confident, even uncertain and uncomfortable.

It’s sometimes called sleeping with your eyes open. You look like you’re on cruise control and there’s no feeling of connection.

Why Is Intent Important?

When someone sees your business portrait, they subconsciously make a judgment on you in a split second.

Without intent, you are just a person in a suit staring into space. You’re generic.

With intent, you are confident and compelling. You’re interesting. You’ve captured the viewer’s attention, and you’re way ahead of your competition.

Can Anyone Show Intent?

Asian male in business headshot in Sydney studio

Sometimes you visit a company website. Some staff look fantastic, others stare nervously into space.

You may think that some people are just good in front of the camera. But these things all people can – and should achieve.

It comes down to the photographer. We don’t just throw you in front of the camera and click the button. We help guide and coach you on all these expressions and the little details that elevate your headshot above the rest.

Show Your Best Side

Many of our clients are not comfortable in front of the camera. I think it’s natural. We love helping you take control of your expression, and help you look and feel more confident than you have ever been before.

Executive Images provides Executive Portrait Photography for Sydney Professionals. We help you with preparation, styling, and even have award winning hair and makeup artists we can rely on. Contact us now and let us help you make your best first impression.

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