Samples of different paper textures

Does Printing Matter, If You Don’t Want Prints?

In business and corporate photography, everything is done digitally. Whether you are doing headshots and personal branding for your website, or photographing materials for your advertising campaign, the bulk of the work will be digital and online. So then, does it matter whether the photographer you choose knows how to produce printed products?

Printing is really tricky business. There are so many different materials and ways of printing, and you have to adjust your image appropriately to each technology if you want the best results. Dyes, pigments, UV, GSM, RGB, CMYK, matte, gloss, textures, so many choices. It’s no wonder that many photographers do not/cannot offer printing. It is much easier to simply refer you to a professional printer to deal with all of those choices.

Samples of different paper textures

So if your photographer is not going to print for you, does it matter at all whether they know how?

Actually, it matters more than you’d expect. Even if your photograph will live online and never be printed, there are various issues that affect how that photograph looks to your audience. One of the things is having the color knowledge necessary to produce an accurate print. If something is good enough to print, then it will also look good on most of your customers’ screens. Have a read of our article on color knowledge to find out more.

It may seem obvious, but people in the visual space including photographers, designers, graphic artists all need to have a color managed workflow. They must have color accurate equipment which is calibrated using quality hardware tools consistently. Surprisingly, there are people producing visual work without these things, and you will notice it when you see their work having different color tints and other inconsistencies which affect how your things look and print. You’ll find these people don’t print, because they can’t seem to get their prints to match what they see on screen.

Not only do we know how to print, we have print partners who we know will produce brilliant reproductions of your marketing collateral. We know your photographs are color correct and will look consistent across all your clients’ screens. You can rest assured your brand is looking its best.

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