Nike x Puma x Adidas

Blue Nike children's sneakers

Simple studio product shoot for child and adult shoes for an online store.

Black Puma sneakers

We had a range of adult and kids shoes for an online store. The brief was to create a consistent set of product photos for their website, showcasing each shoe at different angles. They also wanted something a bit different from the usual plain white background, so we created this desktop look.

Once set up, we could process each shoe very quickly and each photograph would match completely so that they would look great online and even for a 360° view. With a professional setup we get great results right out of the camera. The photographs would be further edited once the final specifications for the website are decided.

Grey Adidas Superstar women's shoes

Executive Images provides Professional Commercial Product Photography across Sydney. Product photography allows you to feature your product in an appealing way online, which is important to entice buyers who don’t have the tactile experience they would have in store.

Contact us to find out how easy it is to get quality photographs that help your products sell.

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