Escada x Cartier x Ferrari

Asian female in fashion shoot with Escada x Cartier

A magazine fashion shoot with German luxury women’s designer Escada, French jewellery and watch maker Cartier, and Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari.

Asian female in fashion shoot with Escada x Cartier

This was part of a photo shoot for the feature article in The ONE magazine, which has a monthly distribution of 25000 in Sydney and Melbourne. Each month we did a feature with various fashion brands, but this month was special because we also had a luxury car manufacturer involved.

For this Sydney Commercial Photography shoot, we started in the studio with a selection of clothing and accessories from Escada x Cartier. It was a simple shoot with clean lighting.

After that was done, we headed off to the Ferrari dealer who booked exclusively for this photo shoot. We shot a series of images for the fashion labels, and then did a feature series showcasing the experience of ordering a Ferrari, from the custom design to the final pickup.

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