Looking Professional In Sydney With A Home Office

Sydney being the business hub it is has a lot of swanky looking offices in the CBD. But did you know that 55% of small businesses are actually home based? You’re not alone by a long shot.

Being a small business owner is great. The work life balance, being able to spend more valuable time with family and less in traffic, not having to bear the cost of office rental, no wonder it’s the preferred way to work for most small businesses.

But unfortunately, working from home also comes with a feeling of inferiority compared to your slightly larger competitors in a Bondi Junction or Sydney city address.

Looking professional

Some people feel like their office is a bit messy or cramped. In order to look professional, small businesses rely on stock photography thinking to hide the fact they are based at home. However, consumers are now so attuned to stock photos that in fact it highlights the fact your business doesn’t show a real office or real staff. So what can you do?

Be genuine

Sydney Bookkeeper interacting with client in Winston Hills

What your clients want to see is that you’re professional, not that you have an overpriced office suite. The worst thing you can do is have a client meet you for the first time and feeling duped because they were expecting the person they saw in the stock photo. This is where business lifestyle photography helps.

If you feel your home office isn’t the best place photographically, there are still many options. The key is to choose a setting that matches the message you wish to convey about you and your profession.

In the images above, we have found a different space in the home that was suitable for photographs. Other options include renting a meeting room at a shared office space or using a local cafe. Talk to us and we’ll work something out.

The result is showing you professionally, showing your business is genuine and authentic, and connecting with your clients on a personal level.

Help clients to trust you

When someone visits your site, they are in the buying cycle and already interested in your services. They don’t want to see your choice of stock photo, they want to learn more about you. Showing them what it’s like to work with you is the easiest way to get them to call you.

Why not show yourself as a competent, friendly professional they can trust? They’ll be relieved to finish their search and get back to their lives.

Our headshot and business lifestyle sessions are so easy and effortless. We can come to you anywhere within Sydney! See what Sam had to say about her experience.

Contact us now and let us help you make your best first impression.

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