How Executive Headshots Show Off Your Leadership Qualities

Sydney CEO Executive Branding Photographs with CBD in background

When you think of a Sydney CEO, what image comes to mind?

As the leader of a business, they set the tone and culture for the company. They have confidence, skill, and knowledge. However there is also a level of approachability and friendliness that makes a true leader.

In this Executive Branding Session we were tasked to create a range of looks, for use across marketing collateral, press releases, interviews, conferences. Because he has a busy schedule, it was important that we use the time effectively and create a library of professional imagery for the next few years.

An executive city scene, with the sandstone building in the background, was carefully lit to give a dynamic look that doesn’t draw attention to the fact it is not ambient lighting.

In fact we were under shade, and used lighting to make him just pop a little off the background. He looks serious and capable, but also approachable.

If we relied on ambient light, it would look flat and weak. The background would have overpowered the scene. Not only that, the skin tones would look unnatural and sickly.

In office executive branding portraits in Sydney

In this Sydney office, we used different areas combined with colored lighting to create different images that have vastly varied feels and uses.

We are often asked if it is OK that the office is dark. Our answer is always the same. We use professional studio lighting in your office, so that we get great consistent results all the time.

Executive branding portraits for CEO in Sydney office

By selecting the right expression for each situation, photography can be a powerful way to deliver your message. Just a slight shift in angle, a little movement in pose, and they way you come across to your audience changes.

We created a wide range of photographs in this branding session, from friendly to serious, along with a range of headshots that showed various nuances that you may not realise until you see them together. But it’s exactly this level of detail, that will allow him to deliver the right message every time.

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