Animated Professional Headshots Help You Stand Out

Any Sydney business wanting to show a personal touch to their services already use professional headshots to show off their staff and professionalism. Sometimes you want to be a bit different to your competitors. That’s when you use an animated headshot, or animated GIF.

As headshot photographers we can capture your animation guided by your end vision and requirements from your web designers.

Sequence of a corporate animated headshot

The quirky animation

In one form of animated headshots, you start off with a professional headshot, then the person makes funny faces or throws a ball around. It’s cute but time consuming, with each person needing 5-10 different ‘looks.’

If you’re thinking it’s a lot of work, you’re right. Great for a creative agency if all your staff can think of something unique to do, not so good if you’re in a more serious business.

The professional animation

So you are in professional services and don’t want people to think you throw balls around the office all day, what can you do?

Here is an accounting firm. They wanted to show they were more friendly and approachable, but still professional. However it wasn’t their style to be quirky or silly. Here is an animation that is professional but adds a layer of connection beyond what a still headshot could achieve.

This was a rapid fire sequence taken over a few seconds, and combined into one animation. It’s dynamic, yet professional, and easy to achieve with staff who are more camera shy.

The other advantage is that each person just needs to practice one action in advance, rather than worry about 10 different poses they have to get right. We do a few takes to get it where we want, but you don’t need to worry about changing or props.

It’s a great way to be different from your competitors. Staff find the experience fun and interesting, and they often enjoy coming up with their own unique action set.

Executive Images provides Corporate Headshot Photography for staff at your business location. Contact us now and let us help you make your best first impression.

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