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It’s a visually connected world, everyone needs a headshot. You may have heard of the term personal brand used sometimes interchangeably. Everyone has their own definition, so let us show you what you can do.

Your personal brand is as important as the services you provide. Whether you are a coach, architect, electrician, or singer in Sydney, creating a personal brand is one of the key activities that can raise your profile above others.

What is Personal Branding?

While a headshot traditionally means a head and shoulders portrait, personal branding is the process of creating a recognisable brand identity for yourself. It could mean having a set of portraits in a similar style, or always wearing a particular type of business attire, or even a distinct color.

Personal Branding is more than going to a pretty place, looking at the camera, and smiling. It’s about creating content that engages your audience, and connects to the viewer.

Caucasian man with short hair, beard, sunglasses sitting casually at Maroubra beach

This means showing off your personality, showing a bit of attitude, resonating with your audience, and showing what makes you different from the rest. It’s saying “I’m not generic!”

Depending on your profession and target market, your session could take many forms. You could be formal, casual, or anything in between. We will plan with you to create the most effective photographs.

Why Use A Professional Photographer?

Now unless you are a professional actor, being in front of the camera is going to be a bit awkward and uncomfortable. You may be looking at the photographs on this website and thinking, “I can’t do that!”

That’s where a professional people photographer comes in. Not only do we know the front from the back of the camera, we know people. We help you relax, so that your expressions are natural and genuine.

We will coach you on posing, expression, and how to look your best and communicate your message to the viewer. It’s the little details that separate the good and the great.

We make the session easy and enjoyable – because you deserve it.

Telling Your Story

But before all that, the most important part. We spend time to learn about you and your goals.

What is your story? Are you disrupting the industry with a new idea? Are you looking to attract a certain demographic? What makes you different from your competitor?

We learn about your audience, and what they want to see. We help you prepare, and select the right wardrobe to create the reaction you want.

Only then, are we ready to start. Because we’re not here to put you into our story, we’re here to tell your story to the world. It’s a subtle but important difference.

Create A Library Of Content

Female branding session outside park in Maroubra

Having professional photographs that build up a brand around you is the best way to get ahead. We help you create a library of quality imagery you can use across social media to promote yourself.

Everyone has a story, a brand that is themselves. When you show that to the world, your viewers can form a connection with you. It’s easy.

Executive Images provides Personal Branding Photography on location in Sydney. Contact us now and let us help you make your best first impression.

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